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Your source for superior overhaul and repair services. APAS has been providing the best commercial and military services to clients around the globe since day one.

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APAS: A Leader in Aviation Services

Today, the MRO industry faces the perpetual challenge of striking an optimum balance between maximizing fleet availability, minimizing operating costs, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

While organizations have to decide the optimum set of integrated maintenance offerings, at the same time, leaders should know which entities are competitors and those offering partnerships to be fostered, either in the present or future.

As an FAA / EASA 145 Certified Repair Station with Class I, ll, and IlI accessories rating, A Professional Aviation Services Corp. (APAS) has been at the forefront in providing customers with superior overhaul and repair services while building lasting customer relations. The company has been a strong advocate of integrity, communication, and technical excellence. Together with the support of its partner companies, APAS delivers a cost-effective approach to solve the existing predicaments.

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